Monday, June 16, 2008

Logo for Pietra (Logo para Pietra Co.)

Logo for Pietra, a rhinestone customization store in Monterrey, Mexico. The Project consisted in developing an identity that was both professional and friendly because of the clientele of the company which consists in both professional establishments and walks-in to the store looking for the perfect gift to their teenage daughters, friends or themselves. The logo resembles the magic fabricated by the collaboration of rhinestones and light themselves.

Logo para Pietra Co. Una compañia de personalizasion de cristales en textiles basada en Monterrey, Mexico. El proyecto consistia en desarrollar una identidad que fuera tanto profesional como amistosa. Esto por motivo de la clientela de la compañia misma, la cual consiste en negocios profesionales asi como en clientes visitando la tienda buscando el regalo ideal para sus hijas, amigas o ellas mismas. El logo captura la magia hecha por la colaboracion de la luz y los cristales mismos.

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Dylan said...

I like the mark and roll out a lot. The only thing I get hung up on is the "A" in the logotype. Should the crossbar move down a little to match the x-height of the "E" and "R"? Just a thought.

John Kendall said...

Nice work, Emilio! Do they sell MAN-jewelry there? 'Cuz I have a "friend" that's looking for some...