Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chocolate & Canela

Chocolate & Canela. Chocolatier Based in Monterrey, Mexico. The packaging and identity evokes the city's colonial era and it's candy making tradition.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steam Fast Logo and Applications

Identity for Steam Fast. A Utah based steam pressure washer cleaner service.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Ins and Outs of Scholarships

Infographic available at: Itthing.com

Convention Article

Layout for an article promoting the Melaleuca Convention 2011

Keeping the holidays healthy illustration

Illustration and spot illustration for an article on healthy way and health recipes for the holidays

Deudas en Cenizas (Debt to Ashes)

Magazine layout for an article on an individual celebrating the achievement of his financial freedom the Melaleuca way, by burning their mortgage.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Navidad Con Sabor Casero (Christmas With A Taste of Home)

Illustration (also used as spot illustrations) for an article featuring traditional Hispanic Christmas recipies

Melaleuca Star Performance Poster

Poster for the Monthly recognition and birthday meeting at Melaleuca.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bumbrella Diapers Logo & Website (Logo y Pagina Web Para Pañales Bumbrella)

Bumbrella is a new Rexburg, Idaho based company specialized in the reduced yet emerging market of cloth diapers. Bumbrella's identity is to emulate the softness, safety, easiness and quality of the products they offer. Bumbrella, order yours as soon as you order your baby!

Borda Beer (Cerveza Borda)

3 identity proposals for Bodra Beer (Landor Mexico). Borda is the pride and tradition of Taxco, Guerrero, A petit village famous for its great tradition and beauty. Borda is named after one the city's greatest founders, Don Jose de la Borda a colonial silver mining entrepeneur. Bodra will bring the taste of Taxco wherever you are.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Prints (Mis Impresiones)

Wood and linoleum block prints are the mediums that i enjoy the most for my art. Here are some samples of some of the stuff i've done. The themes of these prints vary from people, to traditional Mexican alebrijes.

Impresiones de tallados de bloques de linoleo y madera son algunos de los medios que mas disfruto para mi arte. He aqui dos ejemplos de los que he hecho. Los temas de tales varian desde personas (personajes q para mi ejemplifican virtudes) hasta alebrijes Mexicanos.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BYU–I Collegiate Singers Alaska Tour Poster (Poster para la gira en Alaska del grupo de Cantantes Colegiales de la BYU–I)

Poster for the BYU–I Collegiate Singers Alaska Tour. The objective of the poster was to send the message of the concert's 3 themes: Children, Nature (God's Creation) and Music. The poster was also to be of appleal for both children and adults. Art direction by Tony Carpenter. Feedback by the whole Graphic Services evening shift team!

Poster para la gira de los Cantantes Colegiales de la BYU–I en Alaska. Los objetivo del poster era communicar el mensaje de los 3 temas principales del concierto, a decir: Niños, Naturaleza (La Creacion de Dios) y la misma musica. El poster tambien debia ser atractivo tanto para niños como adultos. Direcion artistica por Tony Carpenter. Retroalimentacion por todo el equipo de Servicios Graficos de la BYU–I, turno vespertino!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Motorola Razr v3 Box Proposal (2005)

Russian Circus Invitation

Invitation for the Nikulin Russian Circus USA Opening Gala. The invitation is designed to be interactive and tells the viewer the two maint things this event is all about, Russian folklore and the great circus tradition!

Book Cover for Little Red Ridding Hood

Cover for the Little Red Ridding Hood Charles Perrault version. The illustration is to give away some of the story without give it all away at the same time. An unexpected cover for a far more unexpected version of this classic.

EPA Booklet- Indoor Air Quality

EPA Booklet on Indoor Air Quality. All thru the booklet there is a constant feeling of being indoors. The information is delivered in a clean and easy way to read. The lack of pictures or illustrations is due to a requirement of the project of having none.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wanderlust (BFA Project, click to enlarge)

The project was displayed on the gallery mezzanine.

Thesis statement.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Textbook Loyalty Party (Poster para evento de la libreria de la escuela)

Poster for the University Store textbook loyalty party. This one was an rushed project (the "get it done now, we only have 3 days until the event" kind). The objectives were pretty much just show the concepts of party, fun and prizes.

Poster para un evento festivo de la libreria de la Universidad. El proyecto fue algo apresurado mas divertido. El objetivo del poster es el de comunicar los conceptos de fiesta, diversion y premios.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video For Norwest University Bookstores Convention

This was a work (BYUI bookstore) project. All of the animated elements are from the poster of such convention. The poster was handed to me from our manager, because of the branding of the convention I couldn't take them to improve on them, just take them and animate them. The result was this 15 second short.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ryan Shoupe And The Rubberband Poster

Poster for the upcoming september presentation of Ryan Shoupe And The Rubberband in our campus. The poster is to reflect the irreverent approach of the band to its music genera, country music.

Poster para la proxima presentacion de esta banda en el campus de la universidad. El poster refleja la manera en que la banda se desarrolla en su genero, el country, esto haciendolo ellos mediante una irreverente fusion de rock y rap con el mismo.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Alumni River Float Flyer (Volante para una actividad de ex-alumnos usando camaras de llantas para flotar en el rio)

This was a rush job given to me at work, After some sketching I gave a shot to one of them and end up liking the result.

Esta fue una asignacion que me fue dada en el trabajo. En muy poco tiempo tenia que hacer un volante que fuera atractivo para una actividad de tal indole. Despues de hacer algunos bocetos decidi por uno de ellos, el cual se torno en el volante presentado. De alguna u otra manera me termino gustando el resultado final.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Logo for Pietra (Logo para Pietra Co.)

Logo for Pietra, a rhinestone customization store in Monterrey, Mexico. The Project consisted in developing an identity that was both professional and friendly because of the clientele of the company which consists in both professional establishments and walks-in to the store looking for the perfect gift to their teenage daughters, friends or themselves. The logo resembles the magic fabricated by the collaboration of rhinestones and light themselves.

Logo para Pietra Co. Una compañia de personalizasion de cristales en textiles basada en Monterrey, Mexico. El proyecto consistia en desarrollar una identidad que fuera tanto profesional como amistosa. Esto por motivo de la clientela de la compañia misma, la cual consiste en negocios profesionales asi como en clientes visitando la tienda buscando el regalo ideal para sus hijas, amigas o ellas mismas. El logo captura la magia hecha por la colaboracion de la luz y los cristales mismos.

Logo Applications
Diversos ejemplos de las aplicaciones del Logotipo

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Los Pinguos Poster

Poster for Los Pinguos. An Argentinean band that fuses different latin rhythms and genres. The poster is to communicate the idea of music and latin culture itself. The poster imagery and main type were linoleum carved so to obtain and refer the handmade feeling of many latin crafts.

Poster para Los Pinguos. Una banda argentina que fusiona diferentes ritmos y generos latinos. El proposito del poster es comunicar tanto el concepto de musica como el de cultura latina ya que esta banda aun no es aun muy conocida. Las imagenes y el texto principal del poster fueron talladas en bloque de linoleo e impresas a mano para referenciar la calidad y el look que poseen las artesanias latinas.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Poster for 1964 The Tribute (Poster para 1964 El Tributo (banda imitadora de los beatles))

Poster For 1964 The Tribute, a beatles imitators band regarded as the best in the USA. Poster done for their upcoming presentation in the BYUI Stadium late this month. The poster was done based in research of vintage beatles posters and memorabilia. Finally it was decided to be done after the beatles help movie poster. Art Direction by Tony Carpenter.

Poster hecho para la presentacion de esta banda en el estadio de la universidad este mes. Las desiciones para el tumbo del poster fueron basadas en investigacion hecha en souvenirs antiguos de los beatles, finalmente se decidio hacer en referencia al poster de la pelicula de Help del cuarteto ingles. Direccion Artistica por Tony Carpenter.