Monday, August 13, 2007

Logo para Recess (Recess's Logo)

Logo para recess, una tienda "grab & go" en el campus Idaho de la universidad BYU. El logo mantiene un look colegial por el uso de un escudo. Mantiene tambien un look informal con el q el grupo de edad se identifica asi como informalidad. los colores estan escogidos en base con la paleta de colores de la universidad con al adicion del color amarillo.

Logo for Recess a Grab & Go c-store in BYU-Idaho. The colors support the school palette with the adition of yellow.


Diane said...

I love the logo you did!! Awesome job!!

Dylan said...

Nice logo. I like the applications. Did you do the naming, too?

Also, who's yr teacher? Graybill or Burgener I'm guessing?

Sushi Sundae said...

Hey, these look really good, plus I wanted to comment on the A. I remember you working on that assignment, it turned out really cool. ya know I've been doing a lot of job hunting and have found sooooo much more in the graphic design area than many of the other arts...aka illustration, plus your work is awesome you are gonna do sooo well!!!


Shon said...

Hey Emilio, I saw that you commented on Mike's blog and I found your blog. Neato. How are things going? Your logos are looking pretty chido. Peace Out.

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